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Temporary rights of way closures

Central Bedfordshire Rights of Way Officers Contact Map March 2018 (PDF 204.1KB)

Application form for temporary rights of way closures June 2017 (PDF 46.9KB)

Rights of way can be temporarily closed to safeguard users when there are works being carried out in the vicinity of the path or following surface damage. These orders can last for up to 6 months and may be extended further at the discretion of the Secretary of State. The links below contain information on how to apply for a temporary closure and the costs involved.

Apply for a temporary closure

You can apply online (link opens in new window) for a Temporary Closure Order. Please check the guidance notes (PDF 46.9KB) for details for charges.

If you are unable to apply online for a Temporary Closure Order, please download the application form (PDF 46.9KB) to apply for a temporary closure order and once completed send to the relevant Rights of Way Officer (PDF 204.1KB) .

We need at least 6 weeks notice of the start date of the planned works. If the notice is shorter than that then the fees payable will rise. The path is closed under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

The Temporary Closure Orders are advertised twice and site notices erected detailing the path to be closed and any alternative route. These notices must remain visible throughout the closure period.

Listed below are the current temporary rights of way closures. To view a map and the public notice for each closure, click on the relevant link.


Biggleswade Footpath No. 33

Closure to enable essential infrastructure work, prior to construction of properties. Closure ends July 2019.

Public notice (PDF 320.9KB)

Biggleswade Footpath No. 35

Closure to enable construction of a site depot to take place. Closure ends October 2018.
Map (PDF 131KB)      Public notice (PDF 288.3KB)

Biggleswade Bridleway No. 58

Closure to enable development ground works to take place. Closure ends October 2018.
Map (PDF 149.4KB)       Public notice (PDF 289.8KB)

Caddington Bridleway No. 4 and Footpath No. 42

Closure to enable the replacement of a water pipe. Closure ends in March 2019.
Map (PDF 1.1MB)       Public notice (PDF 72.8KB)

Cranfield Footpath No. 46

Closure to enable development works to take place. Closure ends February 2019.

Map (PDF 103.7KB)      Public notice (PDF 155.6KB)

Edworth Byway Open to all Traffic No. 9 and Dunton Byway Open to all Traffic No. 18

Seasonal restriction on BOAT. From 1 October and 30 April inclusive each year. Please note that the Byway may be closed due to inclement weather from time to time.
Map (PDF 930.9KB)      Public notice (PDF 8.2KB)

Eggington Footpath No. 6

Closure to enable infrastructure works to be carried out safely. Closure ends March 2019.

Map (PDF 229.1KB)       Public notice (PDF 76.5KB)

Flitwick Footpath No. 15

Closure to enable construction works to be carried out in safety. Closure ends February 2019.
Map (PDF 1.8MB)       Public notice (PDF 70.6KB)

Houghton Regis Footpath No. 23, Footpath No. 5 and Bridleway No. 44

Closure to enable construction works to be carried out in safety. Closure ends April 2019.

Map (PDF 367.5KB)     Public notice (PDF 69.1KB)

Houghton Regis Footpath No. 40, A7, 57, 16 and 4

Closure to enable construction works to be carried out in safety. Closure ends April 2019.

Map (PDF 1.6MB)     Public notice (PDF 213.6KB)

Houghton Regis Bridleway No. 49

Closure to enable heavy plant crossing the bridleway. Closure ends 16 January 2019.
Map (PDF 173.7KB)       Public notice (PDF 116.9KB)

Leighton Buzzard Footpath No. 68

Closure to enable an assessment of the bridge to understand what repairs are needed. Closure ends January 2019.

Map (PDF 224.8KB)     Public notice (PDF 75.5KB)

Old Warden Bridleway No. 22 emergency closure

An extended emergency closure due to a foundrous/quicksand area on path. The emergency closure ends on 21 December 2018 at which time a longer temporary closure will commence until approximately June 2019 to enable remedial works to be carried out.
Map and notice (PDF 417.5KB)

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