Financial Regulations


On 14 Dec 2016, the Department for Education (DfE) announced the government consultation response for stage 1 and the stage 2 consultation Schools National Funding Formula and High Need Funding Formula. The consultation ends on 22 March 2017. Consultation documents can be accessed following links below.

Consultation outcome: High needs funding reform (link opens in new window)

Consultation outcome: Schools national funding formula (link opens in new window)

Open consultation: Schools national funding formula: stage 2 (link opens in new window)

Open consultation: High needs national funding formula: stage 2 (link opens in new window)

With this consultation, the DfE has also published the estimated impact of the proposed National Funding Formula (NFF) to individual schools. Please be aware that these figures are only illustrative and have been calculated using the same formula characteristics and pupil numbers that were applicable to the October 2015 census data. This is NOT what the school will receive in 2018/19. The DfE has confirmed that for 2018/19 local authorities will still be able to apply their own local funding formula to distribute funding to schools.

We will be working with the Schools Forum and will publish our consultation in February 2017.