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How coronavirus is affecting our play parks

Our play areas are open, with the following rules and restrictions.

When visiting our play areas, please make sure you:

  • stay at home, if you or your children are displaying symptoms of coronavirus and get a test
  • wash your hands before and after visiting
  • bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes to clean your hands and the equipment before and after use
  • follow current social distancing guidelines
  • only use one piece of play equipment at any one time (per household)
  • if others are waiting, only use equipment for a maximum of 5 minutes (per piece of equipment)
  • remind your children not to put their mouths on the equipment, or touch their face or mouth after touching the play equipment
  • don't consume food or drink in the play area, or whilst on the equipment
  • dispose of all litter, including used PPE, in the bins provided or take home to dispose of
  • supervise children while using the equipment, to ensure they follow the guidance
  • consider coming back at a later time, if the play area is busy
  • remember that using play areas is at your risk

Locations of play areas

You can view all play areas by town or village in Central Bedfordshire or view our A-Z of play areas

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About our play parks

We currently own and maintain 21 managed equipped children’s play areas which are open public spaces and free to use.

Our play spaces range from traditional playgrounds to new adventure play areas each catering for a range of ages and abilities.

Play areas benefit a child as they provide a form of exercise that promotes wellbeing and wholesome physical development.

As a natural outlet for children, active play:

  • allows them to explore their environment
  • develops muscle strength and coordination
  • helps self-confidence
  • increases flexibility, fine and gross motor skills
  • is related to the development of a wide variety of physical skills, including those involved in sports