Outdoor access improvement

Outdoor access improvement plan

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 gave Local Authorities a statutory duty to publish and review, at least every 10 years, a Rights of Way Improvement Plan (link opens in new window). The aim is to create greater access to the countryside while protecting the environment.

Our new plan forms the guiding principles for green space and access management for Central Bedfordshire for 2012 to 2031. It has been developed to integrate the Sustainable Communities Strategy, the Local Development Framework, and Local Transport Plan. It is central to 'Place Making', ensuring that Central Bedfordshire is seen as a green and pleasant place to live and work.

It will also support the Big Society, helping people and communities explore and understand our varied landscapes and become involved in its management, increasing volunteering and a sense of ownership and pride.

The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 also required highway authorities to set up Local Access Forums to help steer the improvement plan process. The Local Access Forum for Central Bedfordshire and Luton is made up of local people including land managers, recreational users and those with interests in nature conservation, heritage, business, health, transport and access for the less able.

Outdoor Access Improvement Plan

The Outdoor Access Improvement Plan can be viewed, in sections, below:

Section 1 - Introduction and Context (PDF 413KB)

Section 2 - Assessment of Needs (PDF 298.3KB)

Section 3 - Connecting Spaces (PDF 3.1MB)

Section 4 - Breathing Spaces (PDF 1.3MB)

Section 5 - Local Spaces (PDF 2.9MB)

Section 6 - Healthy Spaces (PDF 682.8KB)

Section 7 - Growing Spaces (PDF 743KB)

Section 8 - Action Plan (PDF 551.5KB)

Section 9 - Managing Delivery (PDF 2.4MB)

Achievements by the team between 2015 and 2016

Download the highlight report (PDF 1.6MB) which shows what the team has achieved over the last year, or the full report (PDF 727.3KB) for a more detailed review.

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