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Joint Local Access Forum

Joint Local Access Forum (JLAF)

All Local Authorities and National Park Authorities are required under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 ('CRoW Act') to establish a Local Access Forum to provide strategic advice on 'the improvement of public access to land in that area for the purposes of open air recreation and the enjoyment of the area, and as to such other matters as may be prescribed'. The membership of this group must be balanced between different interests in the countryside so that it can provide well-argued, unbiased advice. The Act requires Councils and Natural England to take the forums advice seriously.

We are currently looking to recruit new members who either: 

  • live in, or have an interest in the Luton area
  • are young people or represent the views of young people
  • are land owners / land managers 
  • run a rural business or have an interest in tourism in the local area
  • represent the interests of ethnic minorities or users with disabilities

Information and an application form (PDF 52KB) .

For further details, please contact the Local Access Forum secretary on 0300 300 6787. We look forward to hearing from you.

The remit of the Local Access Forum is to:

  • advise on the improvement of public access to land in Central Bedfordshire and Luton for open-air recreation and enjoyment, as described in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000
  • contribute in an advisory capacity to the development of Rights of Way Improvement Plans for Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council
  • promote opportunities to enjoy the countryside, including appropriate use by people using cycles and walking with dogs
  • advise on management and maintenance of access, balancing the provision of access against the needs of bio diversity, wildlife management and of land owners and managers.
  • advise on developing additional opportunities for everyone to enjoy the rights of way and access network, in particular for those with disabilities
  • work to ensure that the necessary resources are available to fulfil forum aims and to deliver agreed improvements


The Forum meets approximately 6 times a year, usually mid-week evenings, but this is determined by the members themselves. Members will be expected to attend all meetings, but must attend a minimum of three per year, membership should be for an initial period of 1 to 3 years, and may be renewed. Members will be expected to actively seek the views of the interest groups (not just 1 organisation) they are linked with and to spread news of the work of the Forum.

Membership of forum

It is likely that the forum will discuss contentious issues and that their advice will guide policies and actions of Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council. Therefore, it is desirable that the forum contains a balance of ages, ethnicity and geographical locations across the appointing authority areas. It is also vital that the membership of the forum represents a wide range of interests and is balanced between the wish to increase access and the need to protect the landscape and its economic use. To ensure that is achieved, the councils as appointing bodies have agreed that the forum should include representation of the areas of interest listed:

  • walking
  • dog walking
  • cycling
  • equestrian (riding and driving)
  • motorised vehicles use
  • mobility access
  • ethnic minority groups
  • tourism
  • rural business
  • conservation
  • countryside sites ('friends of' groups)
  • young people
  • sport / health
  • voluntary section / P3
  • land-owning / managing; up to 6 members, to include individuals and organisations
  • councillors; a maximum of 1 councillor from each of the 2 appointing authorities
  • chilterns area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, through the chilterns conservation board

The ability for each member to recognise the validity of the views of others and to seek consensus will be vital, as will independence from the views of any particular organisation

Observers may attend meetings and can comment but cannot vote; these will include officers from the authorities and Natural England, who are overseeing Local Access Forums across the country.

Recruitment process

  1. An appointing authorities’ selection panel made up of relevant officers manages the process. This group follows all relevant regulation and guidelines to agree selection criteria, the contents of an application form, text for advertisement and for letters to all known interested contacts. Once the closing date has passed, the group examine the applications and make recommendations for membership of the Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Joint Local Access Forum.
  2. These recommendations will be passed to the Assistant Directors of the relevant Directorates within the appointing authorities and the member from each of the appointing authorities. They will assess the recommendations to ensure that the criteria for appointments have been met and approve appointments.
  3. Once the decision has been made, all applicants will be informed whether they have been successfully appointed to the forum or not.

Responsibilities of members of the Local Access Forum

Applicants will be expected to undertake all the duties given below.

Members should:

  • be resident in or have definable interests in Central Bedfordshire or Luton
  • be representative of access land, rights of way users, owners or occupiers of land, or other related interests relevant to Central Bedfordshire or Luton
  • provide an independent view, rather than reflect the views of any particular organisation
  • pursue opportunities to publicise the work of the forum and obtain feedback through newsletters or other means, within their own organisations and also others with similar interests active within the area covered by the forum
  • be expected to attend all meetings (6 meetings a year anticipated), but must also attend a minimum of 3 meetings a year; deputies will be allowed at no more than 1 meeting per year with prior agreement from the Chairman via the JLAF secretary
  • be willing to serve on the forum for an initial period of between 1 and 3 years (term may be extended if acceptable to the appointing authorities and the member concerned)
  • allow their name, picture and interest categories to be available to members of the public and other interested parties publicly
  • take a full interactive part in the forum and any sub groups which may be established
  • regularly check emails and respond where required in a timely fashion

Information and an application form can be found below:

For further details, please contact the Local Access Forum secretary on 0300 300 6787. We look forward to hearing from you

Public Participation at forum meetings

All of the forum's meetings are open to the public and we would be glad to see you there. The meetings will be advertised in advance on the 'Local Access Forum' section of the Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council websites.

Agendas, papers and minutes of the meeting will be available to the public on the Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Borough Council websites as above and at our Bedford and Luton Offices normally at least 3 days before meetings.

  • the meetings of the forum will be open public meetings and held in venues that are accessible for all
  • members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and contribute to discussions on the agenda items at the discretion of the Chair
  • if you wish to speak at a meeting on a subject which is not on the agenda, you must arrange to do this by contacting the forum secretary (0300 300 6787) no later than 2 working days before the meeting, stating the subject that you would like to speak on and why. Speaking will normally be limited to 5 minutes but the Chair may reduce this time limit because of the length of the agenda or the number of people wanting to speak
  • in addition, an open question and answers session will be held at each meeting where members of the public may ask direct questions on any subject related to the work of the forum
  • when speaking, it is necessary to keep to the subject, avoid defamatory, offensive or abusive language, and keep to time
  • the Chair's decision shall be final on all matters relating to public participation in forum meetings