Leisure strategy

About our leisure strategy

What is the Leisure Strategy?

Our leisure strategy is a suite of three facility-based strategies which look at the current and future provision of indoor sports and leisure centres, recreational open spaces and outdoor sport. The fourth chapter seeks to marry the facilities with the types of physical activities needed to support Central Bedfordshire’s residents in pursuing a healthy active lifestyle.

The Leisure Strategy is split into the following chapters with appendices.

Chapter 1

Indoor Leisure Facilities Strategy supplementary planning document (PDF)

Report of findings, July 2021 (PDF)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Recreation and open space strategy - part 1 (PDF 1.6MB)

Chapter 2: Recreation and open space strategy - part 2 (PDF 5.2MB)

Appendices (PDF 1.4MB)

Play provision guidance

Chapter 3

The playing pitch strategy - part 1 (PDF 1.4MB)

The playing pitch strategy - part 2 (PDF 6.5MB)

Appendix A - team audit (PDF 306.5KB)

Appendix B - site list (PDF 138.2KB)

Chapter 4

Physical activity strategy (PDF)

Parish schedules

To show how the Leisure Strategy requirements relate to local provision, we've created a parish schedule for each settlement or group of settlements in Central Bedfordshire.

Find out more about the parish schedules.