Consumer advice

The Trading Standards team enforces the laws that ensure consumer goods are safe. This may include carrying out inspections at businesses and markets and complaint investigations.

We can arrange for products to be tested for safety. Serious breaches may lead to prosecution, or the product may be subject to a recall. View information on the latest product recalls (link opens in new window).

Where unsafe goods are found on sale, officers can seize them or issue an enforcement notice prohibiting them from being sold.

If you wish to make a complaint about the safety of a product that you have recently purchased, stop using it and keep it secure. Also, retain any documents associated with the product, for example, the packaging.

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service (link opens in new window) provide help and advice for consumers.

They pass all the information onto us in Trading Standards, which helps us to:

  • investigate rogue traders and bring action against offenders where necessary
  • ensure that honest and fair businesses are protected from unfair and illegal competitors
  • monitor businesses and ensure that the consumer is not cheated or misled
  • enforce laws regarding the sales and supply of goods and services

Your rights when buying goods and services

When you buy goods or services from a trader, you enter into a contract which is controlled by laws including the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (link opens in new window).

Your rights when buying on credit

When buying goods or services on credit, most credit agreements will be controlled by many laws including the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (link opens in new window).

Electrical and gas appliances

You can register electrical and gas appliances with the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) (link opens in new window).

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