Gambling licences

There a number of different types of permits required for gambling activities, including gambling machines in our area. If you have any doubt which apply to you and your business, please contact us.

Premises licence

A premises licence is required for any premises where an individual or company wants to offer premises-based gambling. This includes:

  • casinos
  • bingo halls
  • betting premises (including betting shops, betting tracks, etc.)
  • adult gaming centres (Category B3, B4, C and D gaming machines)
  • family entertainment centres (Category C and D gaming machines)

Type of licence and fees

New: £810.90

Renewal (annual): £369.90

Transfer: £209.60

Variation: £810.90

Provisional statement: £810.90

Change of address: £45.80

Re-installment: £369.90

Premises licence with provisional statement: £144.90

Copy of licence: £28.80

Checklist (PDF 13.8KB)

We offer the following methods of payment for our licences:

Pay by cheque (please make payable to 'Central Bedfordshire Council')

Pay by telephone (telephone numbers are shown on the individual licence pages)

Alcohol-licensed premises automatic entitlement

Certain alcohol licensed premises, such as pubs and bars, can provide two gaming machines (Type C or D) without a permit. The licensing authority must be notified that you wish to use the automatic entitlement.

There will be a one-off fee of £50 when you submit your notification.

Notification for 2 or less machines (PDF 139.6KB)

Licensed premises gaming machine permit (PDF 135.9KB)

For more than two gaming machine (Type C or D) you will need a gaming machine permit.

There is an application fee of £100 for operators who have an existing section 34 permit (£150 for those who do not).

There is also an annual fee. The first annual fee of £50 is to be paid within 30 days of the date that your permit takes effect, and must be renewed yearly.

Application for Gaming Machine Permit (PDF 135.9KB)

Small society lottery

To qualify for a small society lottery:

  • the society must be non-commercial
  • the value of tickets put on sale per single lottery must be £20,000 or less, or the aggregate value of tickets put on sale for all their lotteries in a calendar year must not exceed £250,000

If the operator plans to exceed either of these values then they will be classed as a large lottery operator, and must be licensed with the Gambling Commission instead.

The promoting society must be registered with a licensing authority where their principal office is located throughout the period of promoting.


There is a fee of £40 to be registered for a small lottery. A renewal fee of £20 applies every year.

Application for Registration of Small Lottery (PDF 18.5KB)

Small Lottery return form (PDF 13.9KB)

Small Lottery Regulations (PDF 30.9KB)

Family entertainment centres

FECs cater for families, including unaccompanied children and young people.

FECs with no alcohol licensed can apply for a permit allowing them to offer any number of category D machines

Type of licence

New: £300

Renewal (annual): £300

Notification of change: £25

Existing operator: £100

Copy of licence: £15

Gaming machine permits

Checklist (PDF 13.8KB)

Club gaming permit

No more than 3 gaming machines (these may be from categories B3A, B4, C or D but only one B3A machine).

The provision of equal chance gaming (for example, poker) and the provision of games of chance (for example, pontoon), is also allowed.

Type of licence and fees

Two or less gaming machines (one-off application): £50

Gaming machine permit existing operator: £100

Gaming machine permit: £150

Renewal (annual): £50

Variation: £100

Transfer: £25

Change of name: £25

Copy of licence: £15