Food business

Approval for supplying food

If your business involves handling meat, fish, egg or dairy products and you supply these products to other businesses (i.e. you do not sell directly to the public / final consumer), you must be formally approved by Public Protection Services before you begin to operate.

The costs

There is no charge for this approval process.

How to apply

You can apply for approval online.

What happens next?

We will contact you and arrange to assess your application. This will include inspection of your premises to assess compliance with the required standards.

Determination of your approval applications should take place within 28 days of your full application being received.

Tacit consent

There is no tacit consent. You can’t operate until you have been granted approval.

Appeals and complaints

If you have been refused approval or have a complaint about the approval process, you can write to:

The Service Manager
Public Protection
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

Alternatively, you can email the Service Manager at