Health and safety at work

Workplace Transport Safety

Workplace transport is one of the more challenging areas to control, whilst being one that can cause serious injuries or fatalities. It is important that when assessing workplace transport, you have been adequately trained to do so.

The most common vehicle accidents at work are caused by:

  • people being hit by vehicles - in particular, fork lift trucks and reversing lorries
  • people falling from vehicles
  • objects falling from vehicles on to people
  • vehicles toppling over

Some of the topics to consider when assessing the risks are below.


  • is it fit for purpose?
  • is it being maintained properly?
  • do they have reverse alarms?
  • do they have visual flashing beacons?


  • are they trained for each vehicle they drive, with regular refresher training?
  • are they safe to drive (health, eyesight, etc.)?
  • do you have pre-user checks in place?
  • do your drivers carry out daily vehicle checks which are recorded?
  • do you have and use trained banksmen?
  • are they wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) including safety shoes and high-vis jackets?


  • can pedestrians and vehicles move safely around the workplace without pedestrians being hit?
  • is reversing kept to a minimum?
  • have you considered one-way systems?
  • is it feasible to install barriers?
  • have you physically reduced the speed of vehicles in particular for PPTs and FLTs?
  • are pedestrian and vehicle routes adequately marked, and signage in place?
  • are routes adequately lit?
  • are routes in good condition and repair?
  • are there any blind spots or corners?
  • are vehicle routes and pedestrian route segregated?
  • who gives way - the pedestrian or vehicle?


  • have they been suitably and sufficiently risk assessed?
  • have employees been given the appropriate information, instruction and training?
  • are employees wearing PPE?
  • are tasks adequately supervised?
  • is there a system of regular monitoring of control measures which are recorded?

We would strongly advise that you obtain training to carry out an assessment of workplace transport, or seek expert advice. Do not leave assessing the workplace and implementing controls, as lack of control measures can easily lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

Important information about workplace transport (link opens in new window) and vehicle safety (link opens in new window) can be found on the HSE website