Request a dropped kerb, H bar or skip permit

Request an H bar road marking

Apply for an H bar marking

About H bar road markings

H bar markings are white lines that are marked on the road in-front of access areas. The lines highlight to other road users that they shouldn't block access to off-road parking areas such as driveways and garages.

The application costs £125. This covers a site visit, inspection and the works.

If your application is rejected, we'll refund £100 of the original payment and detail the reason why an H bar isn't possible at the requested location.

Please read our H bar policy to fully understand how they work.

Application approved - what happens next?

New H bar markings will be installed when other road marking works are planned to take place in the same locality. There may be a short delay between accepting your application and the H bar being installed.

During the winter, there may be delays due to daytime temperatures being too low for painting white lining.

When the H bar marking is in place, it will be maintained by the council and will be repainted at the same time as other road markings in your road.

Can I park on it outside my property?

The marking is provided solely to highlight the presence of your driveway to others who are looking to park on the street.

If you park in the H bar marking across your driveway, then it devalues the meaning of the marking. It may also show to other drivers that you do not need access to your driveway.

You could, of course, also be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Can they be legally enforced?

The purpose of an H bar marking is to provide a reminder that parking across a dropped kerb driveway causes an obstruction to people wishing to access or leave a property by vehicle.

Creating such an obstruction on the public highway is an offence and the Police or our Civil Enforcement Team can issue fixed penalty notices.