M1-A6 Link Road

Rights of way and the environment: M1-A6 Link Road

Rights of way

This map shows the proposed new and enhanced footpaths, bridleways and cycleways.

These include a cycleway connection to route 6 of the National Cycleway Network (NCN6); improvements to the Theetway; better links to Holt Wood and to Sundon chalk quarry County Wildlife Site; and paths that could form part of our ambition to create a cycle route from Luton to Bedford. There could be a Pegasus crossing over the A6 for the Chiltern Way, and a cycleway alongside Barton Road (the exiting A6.)

Download the footpaths and bridleways map (PDF 3.5MB)

Protecting the environment

We want to limit the impact of this new road on the environment as much as possible. This includes the impact on local wildlife and the visual beauty of the area.

Ahead of any planning application, we’re doing a number of studies and surveys:

  • protected species (such as bats and great crested newts)
  • landscape and visual impact
  • public rights of way
  • noise reduction
  • flood risk

These studies and surveys will allow us to assess any environmental impacts of the new road and inform mitigating actions to reduce the impact.

The results will be published in our Environmental Impact Assessment.

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