What you can do if you’re affected

If your Housing Benefit is reduced or stopped, you will be responsible for paying the shortfall in your rent yourself.

If you want to move to a smaller home, where you will not be affected by the under-occupation rules, our housing options team may be able to help. Find out more on the finding a home page, or visit Bedfordshire Homefinder (link opens in new window) to see what properties are available.

If you want to stay in your current home, you will need to find a way to pay your shortfall. This could be:

  • asking non-dependants to contribute: if you have non-dependants living with you, you may wish to ask them to contribute to your rent
  • increasing your hours of work: if you are working, you may consider increasing your hours of work to make up the shortfall in rent
  • renting out your spare room (information on GOV.UK) (link opens in new window): you may consider renting your spare room to a sub-tenant or lodger

Remember that if your income goes up, your Housing Benefit could go down.

You may also consider applying for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) - extra help with your housing costs, on top of your Housing Benefit. DHPs are decided on an individual basis, so we will ask you about any special circumstances that mean that you can’t move, or can’t afford your rent.