Extra rooms for disabled people

The rules allow an extra bedroom for children who receive certain disability benefits and who would normally be expected to share with another child, but cannot because of their severe disabilities. We will decide whether we can allow an extra bedroom on a case-by-case basis.

If you think that you should be entitled to an extra bedroom for a disabled child, please contact us. Please tell us as much as you can about why your children cannot share a bedroom, and provide medical evidence of your child's disability if you have it.

The law does not allow us to pay for:

  • an extra bedroom for couples who cannot share because of a disability
  • a room for equipment related to a disability

If you need an extra bedroom in these circumstances, or if you are living in a property which has been adapted because you have a disability, you may wish to apply for extra help from a Discretionary Housing Payment. We decide each DHP case on an individual basis.

Contact us

Telephone: 0300 300 8306
Email: benefits@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

Please quote your benefit claim reference in all correspondence – your claim reference is either an 8 digit number starting with 900, or a 5 digit number. You can find it on any letter we’ve sent about your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support.