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Supplementary planning document

Best practice

We have provided some examples of good practice. They are to serve only as a guide. Each development needs to be individually assessed and therefore copies of the examples will be unacceptable.

Waste Audit example 1 (PDF 418KB)

Waste Audit example 2 (PDF 375.2KB)

Useful links

There are many organisations which publish guides on best practice in construction which may help in the production of SPDs.

These include:


Supporting documents used during the preparation of the SPD are available here:

Sustainability Appraisal Report (PDF 569.2KB)

Sustainability Statement (PDF 19.7KB)

Adoption Statement (PDF 37.1KB)

Statement of Consultation (PDF 111.9KB)

Information on the translation for the above documents (PDF 525.1KB)

The findings from the Sustainability appraisal scoping report (PDF 411.2KB) for the SPD assisted in the development and appraisal of options for the SPD and in the preparation of the final report.

Hard copies are available on request for £10 by calling the Central Bedfordshire Council, Minerals and Waste Planning Team.