Supplementary planning document

Supplementary planning document - adopted

'Managing waste in new developments' was adopted on 18 April 2006.

Central Bedfordshire Council, Bedford Borough Council and Luton Borough Council prepared the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to help implement two key policies W5 and W6 of the adopted Bedfordshire and Luton Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2005.

The SPD is Managing Waste in New Developments. (PDF 3.6MB)

Alternatively for a brief overview, please view our SPD leaflet. (PDF 572.2KB)

When do I need to submit a waste audit?

Waste audits should be submitted with all major planning applications and it is desirable to submit them with Minor development, though it is voluntary.

Waste Audit required is required for major developments (10 or more dwellings, over 1000m2 or 0.5ha other development), but not for minor developments (less than 10 dwellings, under 1000m2 or 0.5ha other development).