Dog control orders

Stray dogs

Report a stray dog

A stray dog is any dog loose in a public place with no one obviously in charge of it. The law requires that all dogs in a public place must wear a collar and identification tag which gives the name and address of the owner. Anyone who is responsible for the dog while in a public place must make sure that it has a collar and tag.

If you find a stray dog, call us on 0300 300 8302 or 03444 828 346 (after hours service).

If a stray dog is reported between the hours of 9am to 5pm, the dog warden will attend as long as the dog is confined / contained. If the dog is 'roaming loose' in a general area, we will assess the practicability and schedule a collection in with a patrol of that area.

Whilst we don’t have a statutory obligation to collect dogs out of hours, we will go beyond this by collecting confined / contained dogs.

Lost your dog?

Call us on 0300 300 8302. We can then contact the dog warden to check for your dog. You can also visit the Lost Dogs UK (link opens in new window) website. This includes details of found dogs (click the Central Bedfordshire tab in the bottom right-hand corner).

What happens to stray dogs found by the dog warden?

If the dog is wearing a collar and tag or is micro-chipped, it will be returned to the owner. We will take the dog to our nominated kennels if there is no one at home to take the dog.

If a dog cannot be identified, it will be taken to kennels where it will be kept for up to 8 days. We will re-home the dog after this. The dog may be put to sleep if this is not possible due to temperament or other circumstances.

These are the dog warden fees and charges.

How to get your dog back

You can collect your dog from the kennels after you pay the dog warden fees and charges. You must pay before collecting your dog. The fees include a statutory fee and kennelling fees.

If your dog has strayed and been involved in an accident, or has been found to require urgent veterinary attention, it may be taken to a vet. If this is the case, you will be liable for the payment of the vet fees.