Environmental Services - Report a stray dog

Privacy Notice

What are we doing? Where you need to report a stray dog, you can do this using our online form. We need to collect information about the dog and yourself in order to pass this to our contractors to deal with.

What is the information? We will need you to provide us with your contact details. We will ask you about the type of dog, including details about the breed, sex, colour and location of the stray dog.

Where do we keep it? We keep the information on our systems and those of other companies that we hire to create and maintain our forms. These are in the UK and the USA. All of them are certified with Privacy Shield, which means they keep your information safe.

How do we keep your information safe? We have looked into how our partner companies handle and look after information and have examined their practices. We have clear contracts that set out what they can and cannot do with your personal data.

They are certified to ISO27001, which is an independent security standard. This tells us that they use a high standard of security, including passwords and encryption.   

How long do we keep it for? If you are paying for a service, we keep the information for 6 years. If you are not, we keep it for 3 years and in the case of any photographs that contain personally identifiable information, for a few weeks or until the matter is resolved.    

Who do we share it with? We do not share this information with anyone other than the companies that help us provide these services to you. They are only allowed to use it to provide these services.

What is our legal basis for doing this? If you are paying for the service, our legal basis is that we have a contract. If you are not paying, it is a public task in the public interest under the Environmental Protection Act 1990

For more information about how the Council uses your data, your rights and who to contact if you have any concerns please see the Council’s main privacy notice which can be found here