Community grants

How to get a grant for planting trees

Our tree planting fund helps local voluntary and community organisations to deliver tree and hedge planting schemes. This applies to Central Bedfordshire only and helps us deliver the commitments set out in our sustainability plan.

To express your interest in planting trees, woodlands, orchards or hedgerow in your school, town and parish council, or on private land, please email

About our tree grant fund

We plan to provide funding (or match funding) to schools, community groups and organisations to increase tree, shrub and hedge planting in our area. Projects can vary in size from at least 5 trees, up to larger areas of new woodland.

£125,000 is available to enable tree and hedge planting. For applications over £5,000, please talk to us before you apply.


We recognise that trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment. Planting more trees and hedgerows is a key way to meet the climate challenge.

It helps to:

  • increase biodiversity and
  • mitigate other environmental issues such as flooding and air pollution
  • create a nicer environment that benefits communities in many ways

Sources of match funding

Read about funding from the Woodland Trust

Find out about grants from the Tree Council

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