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Community grants

Ward Councillor Grant Scheme

Ward Councillor grant scheme

If you are involved in a local group or project in your area that needs some help or you have an idea about doing something for the community but need some funding to get it going then speak to your Central Bedfordshire ward councillor.

Each Central Bedfordshire councillor has access to £2,000 from which they can allocate grants to local projects that demonstrate a community benefit. Councillors can also work together across a ward to combine their grants if that’s what is most needed.

So, whether it's cultural, environmental, sporting or social projects, and you have match funding, speak to your Central Bedfordshire councillor now.

COVID-19 Extension to Scheme

At a meeting on Tuesday 16th June 2020 the Council’s Executive agreed a proposal to extend the existing Ward Councillor Grant Scheme and allocate an additional £1000 to each Ward Councillor. This is to enable them to support local groups that are dealing with the direct consequences of the current public health emergency. Unlike the existing scheme, bids for the additional funds do not require match funding.

How to apply

You must secure support from your ward councillor and read the guidance notes before completing the application form.

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