Sustainable modes of travel

Scootability training

The aim of Scootability is to use scooters as a fun and active way to revise and reinforce basic pedestrian safety messages.

The key safety messages are equally relevant to younger children and to older children who walk or scoot independently to school, to the local shops or around where they live.

Scootability is a progressive course and has been developed for school teachers to use as part of the curriculum, at lunchtime or after school clubs.

Scootability levels

There are 3 Scootability levels for children to participate in:

Level 1 (PDF 310.1KB) - Scooter control and pavement etiquette

Level 2 (PDF 345KB) - Scooter control, pavement etiquette and priorities at driveways

Level 3 (PDF 345.5KB) - Scooter control, pavement etiquette and priorities at driveways, with more practice on the pavement with side roads and driveways

It is advisable that the course leader/teacher assess the ability of the children as to their suitability for each of the Scootability levels prior to the start of each course level.