Sustainable modes of travel

Walking to school

Walking is a great way to keep active. As a nation, our lifestyles are getting less active, so building walking into our daily routine is really important.

Walking is the only truly sustainable way of getting around. As we're becoming a car-dominated society, and we are increasingly struggling with the daily problems of air pollution and congestion and growing carbon emissions.

Benefits of walking:

  • healthier for children and parents
  • children are general more alert and aware when they arrive at school
  • less stressful than driving
  • reduces traffic congestion and pollution
  • better air quality – as traffic fumes can contribute to asthma attacks
  • it provides quality time for parents and children before school
  • fresh air makes children engage with their environment and local community
  • is an opportunity for parents and carers to teach and develop their children's road safety skills

Walking Once a Week (WoW)

Walk Once a Week (WoW) (link opens in new window) is a year-round walking promotion scheme. It encourages parents and children to walk to school throughout the school year.

Children that walk at least once a week each month receive a badge. The badges are highly collectable and designed by the children themselves in a national competition open to all WoW schools.

Walk to school week

Walk to school week is run annually with in May, in conjunction with Living Streets' Walk to School campaign (link opens in new window). It gives your school a chance to participate in a national effort to encourage walking to school and by doing this hopefully make parents and children alike realise that it is both enjoyable and achievable.

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