About the garden waste subscription service

The garden waste service is an opt-in chargeable service available to all Central Bedfordshire residents.

From 1 April 2024, if you would like us to collect your garden waste, you will need to subscribe and pay £55 per bin, per year (1 April 2024 – 31 March 2025).  

Once subscribed, we’ll collect your garden waste fortnightly between now and December, and then resume collections from late February to the end of March 2025.

Read the terms and conditions for the garden waste service. This is important information that you need to know before you sign up.

If you do not subscribe to the service and no longer need your garden waste bin, please keep your bin at your property in case you decide to subscribe at a later date or if a future tenant of the property wishes to use the service. We will not automatically remove the bin if you do not sign up.

Sign up now

You can sign up online at any time in the year, but the cost will remain at £55 per bin.

You can subscribe for up to three bins per property. The cost for each additional bin remains the same – there is no discount for second or third bins.

Our garden waste subscription service is an environmentally friendly way of treating your garden waste, as the waste we collect is made into soil improver used in agriculture. 

After you subscribe

After you have subscribed, we will send you an information pack in the post which contains a welcome letter, a flyer explaining how to use the service, and a permit to stick on your bin.

Your property will be added to our electronic database so that collection crews know which properties to collect from.

Please also stick the permit on the back of your bin, below the handle. Only wheelie bins displaying a valid permit sticker will be collected. The stickers will change each year. 

Please allow 10 days for your sticker and any additional bins you ordered to arrive after you subscribe. If you requested additional bins, you should receive the same number of stickers as bins. These will be sent to you separately and may arrive at different times.  

If you’ve recently subscribed to our garden waste service and have yet to receive your permit, please do not worry. Please continue to present your bin as scheduled for collection. While the permit serves as a visual aid for our collection crew, please be assured that we have your garden waste subscription details stored on our database which is accessible to the team while on their rounds.

Please make sure you always put the bin out by 7am on your collection day. We will collect your bin fortnightly on your scheduled collection day between the end of February and December. Your collection day might change for this service in the future. Information about changes to the service will be updated on our bin collection day web pages.

Bins should be presented so that the permit can be viewed from the roadside to help our crews identify those subscribed to the garden waste service. Our crews will not collect bins if a permit is not displayed on them.

If you have subscribed to the service before 1 April 2024, your collections will begin from 1 April on your normal collection day.

If you have subscribed after 1 April, your collections will commence once you have received your permit sticker and affixed it to your bin and on your next scheduled collection day (excluding the winter break period).