Tiny forests

Tiny forests and micro woodlands

We offer full technical support and funding to create micro woodlands for town and parish councils, schools, voluntary groups and community organisations.

Our Tiny Forests Scheme applies to Central Bedfordshire only and helps us deliver the commitments set out in our Sustainability Plan (PDF).

Tiny forests are small areas of fast-growing, dense woodlands planted in urban areas with a mix of native tree species. They occupy no more than 200 metres squared (roughly the equivalent size of a tennis court) and contain approximately 600 trees. This type of small-scale woodland creation is based upon the established Miyawaki forest management method developed in the 1970s and has proven to be a very successful approach to accelerate forest development without the use of chemicals or fertilisers. Tiny forests can be planted in almost any shape to fit the space available and make a fantastic addition to the local urban landscape.

Creating tiny forests helps to improve access to greenspace for our community and connects more people with nature in urban spaces. They also offer a multitude of other benefits:

  • boosts biodiversity by providing havens for a wide range of wildlife species, including plants, mammals, birds, and insects
  • trees improve air, soil and water quality and reduce flood risk in urban areas
  • trees capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gases and battle the effects of climate change
  • supports mental health and wellbeing by creating places for people to relax, watch wildlife, and provides volunteering opportunities for people of all ages
  • tiny forests create opportunities to undertake citizen science projects, and outdoor based learning
  • planting tiny forests can contribute to sustainability commitments set out by schools and organisations
  • planting trees in urban areas enhances the character of the local area, and improves accessibility to nature

Working in partnership with Earthwatch, we have successfully planted over 2,400 trees across four new tiny forests at:

We are now looking to create more tiny forests and welcome expressions of interest all year round. To find out more about how we can support you to create your own tiny forest, please get in touch by emailing begreen@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.