Climate change - tackling it and our strategy

Tackling climate change and developing our sustainability plan

We aim to lead by example in our everyday practices, encouraging and supporting our residents and businesses to do likewise.

We've completed the first step in this process, the external Sustainability Baseline Review. This helped us to understand our progress to date, what worked well and what further opportunities for action existed.

In July 2019 the council unanimously supported a proposal to prioritise responding to climate change in September 2020 we adopted our Sustainability Plan (PDF) outlining the steps we will take to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The detailed plan outlines a ‘road map’ developed jointly by officers and elected members and it commits us to lead by example by investing in sustainability while encouraging and working with others – residents, businesses and key partners - to do the same.

Our progress will be reported each year in late spring and will be measured against the detailed carbon footprint benchmarking we undertook while developing the plan.

Sustainability plan - progress report 2021

The Sustainability Plan includes a commitment to produce an annual progress report (PDF), highlighting action to date. 

This progress report highlights what action has been taken against the various milestones detailed in our Sustainability Plan (PDF). This progress report gives a narrative of key sustainability projects that demonstrate that the foundations have been put in place to allow other parts of the plan to move forward and that also that service areas and teams across the council are making significant contributions to the delivery of the plan.