Senior Officers

Chief Executive - Richard Carr

The Chief Executive is Richard Carr, who was appointed in July 2009, and joined Central Bedfordshire in October 2009.

The Chief Executive is the senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of the paid staff of the Council.

The role of Chief Executive is a full-time appointment.

Post holders are selected on merit, against objective criteria, following public advertisement. They are appointed by the whole Council.

As head of the paid service, the Chief Executive works closely with elected members to deliver the following.

Leadership: working with elected members to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction, encouraging and enabling managers to motivate and inspire their teams.

Strategic Direction: ensuring all staff understand and adhere to the strategic aims of the organisation and follow the direction set by the elected members.

Policy Advice: acting as the principal policy adviser to the elected members of the Council to lead the development of workable strategies which will deliver the political objectives set by the councillors.

Partnerships: leading and developing strong partnerships across the local community to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people.

Operational Management: overseeing financial and performance management, risk management, people management and change management within the council.

Chief Executive's salary

The Chief Executive is paid on a scale between £190,000-£194,999. All managerial staff are subject to annual appraisal, and progression on the scale only happens if satisfactory progress is evidenced.

Claiming expenses

The Chief Executive is able to reclaim a restricted range of legitimate and evidenced business expenses, including business travel.