Alternative waste facilities

Hazardous waste

Certain waste is hazardous.

Some waste presents serious and immediate threat to the population and the environment, e.g. toxic waste could cause cancer or infectious disease.

Others, such as fluorescent tubes or cathode ray tubes in televisions, pose little immediate threat but may cause damage over time.

By law, businesses must dispose of waste responsibly. If you produce waste, you must take all reasonable steps to keep the waste safe.

If you give hazardous waste to another company, you must ensure they:

  • are authorised to take it
  • can transport it
  • can process it
  • can dispose of it – safely and legally

The fine for breaking the law is unlimited.

You must:

  • stop the waste escaping from your control - you must contain it
  • check that anyone taking your waste has the necessary authority. Ask to see the company or person's Waste Carriers' Licence. This will be issued by the Environment Agency and display their logo and will show the licence holder’s details (if you are in any doubt about this being legitimate, you can call the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 or email
  • you can also check if they are a licensed carrier on the Environment Agency’s website
  • be given a waste transfer note from your service provider detailing where the waste will be disposed