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New Dunstable health / social care hub and housing

Our plans for the Dunstable health / social care hub and housing

On 13 April 2021, our Executive agreed to proceed with construction of the new community-focused Integrated Health and Care Hub in Dunstable. Planned work will start on the site behind GO Bowling off Court Drive Dunstable, on 17 May 2021 with completion expected by March 2023.

What we're building

We're providing a new integrated health and care hub, alongside new homes, on a site behind GO Bowling off Court Drive, in Dunstable.

The hub building could host a mixture of the following services:

  • GP services, and other medical services
  • children’s services
  • social care and support
  • wellbeing and community mental health
  • public health and prevention
  • voluntary and carer support
  • potentially a pharmacy
  • café

The site itself will also include apartments for older people, who want to live independently but are finding it difficult to manage in the home they are living in – maybe because of mobility issues, health needs or just the upkeep of a bigger house.

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Why we are building an integrated health and care hub

  • there is an ageing and growing population and it is important that we plan to meet the demand for health and social care services
  • we want people to be able to access a wide range of health and social care services within their local communities
  • having assessment, treatment and support services all in one modern, purpose-built building will act as a focal point to help us improve people’s health and wellbeing
  • having one building shows our commitment to joining up with NHS services to improve the care experience for local people

What about the housing?

  • we are shifting our thinking for today’s older people and for future generations to ensure they have access to a choice of better accommodation, better living standards, and a better quality of life
  • over 55s have told us they wanted a range of accommodation to suit their changing needs
  • there isn’t currently a huge supply of quality accommodation options for older people in this area

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