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Survey of Adult Carers in England (SACE)

The Survey of Adult Carers in England (SACE) is a national bi-annual survey for England. This is a mandatory survey which is carried out nationally to understand the impact that services have had on different parts of the person’s life, such as their general health and their social life. The survey goes out to approximately 900 carers across Central Bedfordshire to ask for their views on whether services received by carers help them in their caring role, their life outside of caring and the carers' perception of services provided to the cared for person.

All councils in England will be contacting a sample of people who are, or were, a carer during the last 12 months. By carer, we mean someone who looks after a partner, family member or friend in need of support or services because of frailty, physical or learning disability, or illness, including mental illness, and who is aged 18 or over. The aim is to improve the support we offer to carers, so the views of carers are important to us to ensure we are getting our services right. The results of the survey will be used by organisations such as the Department of Health, NHS Digital, the Care Quality Commission, and us to see how happy people are with their care and support services and assess their experiences of local care services. The results will also be used for further research or analysis.

2018-19 survey

View the report for 2018-19.

2016-17 survey

Visit Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (link opens in new window) for the feedback from the previous survey, which took place between 2016 and 2017.