The future day offer for adults with disabilities and older people

Townsend Day Centre review (Houghton Regis)

We want to enhance the day service based around customer, relative, carer and day service staff feedback. We want to offer more personalised options based on the things customers, relatives and carers say are important to them.


We're working with Townsend Day Centre service customers, carers and relatives and day centre staff to identify new activities and experiences that customers might enjoy or might like to try. The outcome of this research will be used to identify new opportunities which current and future customers could benefit from. This may include running activities from alternative venues.

The Dunstable Centre

The Dunstable Centre has offered us a space suitable for some adults with disabilities. This location would offer customers the opportunity to access the facilities at the leisure centre as well as the wider community. visits will be arranged for customers and staff to view the new facilities before piloting running a day service from there.

The Dunstable Centre might not be a suitable space for all customers that currently attend Townsend Day Centre, so we'll also identify other opportunities to meet the care and support needs for other adults with disabilities.

Following pilots at The Dunstable Centre and other identified opportunities, feedback will be collected to help evaluate how successful the pilots were. The outcome of this will help determine whether the new opportunities should be continued.

No permanent changes will be made to the Townsend day service without formal consultation with customers, carers and relatives.

If you would like more information about the Townsend Day Centre review or have ideas for the future day offer, please email