Homeless after leaving the armed forces

What to do if you're leaving the armed forces and might be homeless

Tell us you might be homeless before you're discharged. Don't wait until you're homeless to talk to us.

We'll need to see your letter of discharge, or any other evidence that confirms your discharge date and will use that as the date you'll become homeless from.

If you haven't asked us for housing help before you're discharged, you may need to stay in your accommodation as long as possible and wait for Defence Estates to evict you.

Defence Estates has to give you a Notice to Vacate before it can take you to court to get a possession order. You can use any Notice to Vacate and any possession order against you as evidence in support of your homelessness application.

If you've been dishonourably discharged

We may not have a duty to help you, if you are homeless after being discharged on disciplinary grounds.

If you end up on the streets, because you don't qualify for housing

Many single, homeless, people don't qualify for our help.

If you find yourself on the streets, there are a range of services who can help. These include:

Help from Homeless England

Search the Homeless England directory to find hostels, emergency and longer-term accommodation and day centres in your area.

Veterans' Gateway support

Get housing advice from the Veterans' Gateway or call 0808 802 1212.

Cobseo help

Services provided by Cobseo's members include:

  • temporary accommodation for veterans, with support
  • providing settled accommodation for veterans, with or without support
  • unsupported housing for ex-service members who are unable to buy or rent on the open market (tenants will usually be self-sufficient, but may need the floating support listed; some adapted properties may be available or adaptations arranged as necessary)
  • floating support: services delivered by visiting workers to people in their own homes to help people maintain their settled accommodation
  • outreach services: these cover work with rough sleepers or people in temporary accommodation, to help them access more settled accommodation and any support needs
  • day centres: these provide activities and support to homeless and vulnerable housed people (also called 'drop-in' facilities)

Contact Cobseo

Email: enquiries@cobseo.org.uk
Telephone: 0207 811 3224/5

Visit Cobseo's website