Help a rough sleeper

How to help a rough sleeper

If you are concerned about a rough sleeper, there are easy ways to help.

How to refer a rough sleeper via StreetLink

You can make a report through the national rough sleeping reporting line, StreetLink. Your report will be forwarded direct to Central Bedfordshire's outreach service to provide the earliest support for anyone reported as sleeping rough in Central Bedfordshire.

How to refer to Central Bedfordshire's Rough Sleeper Outreach Service


Central Bedfordshire's Rough Sleeper Outreach Service is provided by NOAH Enterprise.  The service provides a range of help to rough sleepers from giving out sleeping bags, completing benefit forms, referring to hostels and Housing Options teams and advice.

Severe cold weather arrangements in Central Bedfordshire for people sleeping rough

Find out about our severe weather emergency protocol (SWEP), which is instigated when the temperature is forecast to drop to zero degrees (or below) for three consecutive nights.

Notification of services available is sent to a range of organisations who provide services for people sleeping rough. SWEP provision is for those without accommodation and services. It's not extended to those who have accommodation available to them.