Homeless after leaving prison

Help with money before you're released from prison

All prisoners are given a discharge grant, paid for by the prison, when they leave. This is money to help with your costs until your benefits are sorted out.

If a prison housing adviser has found you accommodation for your first night, you may be given a higher discharge grant (about an extra £50), which is paid directly to the accommodation provider.

You may also be able to get help from our local welfare provision scheme. A prison adviser, or other adviser, may be able to help you with your application.

You could apply for help with paying for:

  • essential belongings lost when you were away
  • clothes
  • a fridge for your new home
  • help with the costs of moving into accommodation

Start saving while you're still inside

You may be able to prepare for your release when you are in prison, by saving some of your prison wages. You could consider opening a credit union account when you are in prison. Ask at the prison for details.