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Child sexual exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of child sexual abuse, it can be perpetrated by individuals or groups, males or females, and children or adults. The abuse can be a one-off occurrence or a series of incidents over time, and range from opportunistic to complex organised abuse.

Refer a child to children's services

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) can affect any child and young person, regardless of their background, culture, gender, age or ethnicity.

It is a type of abuse in which children are sexually exploited for money, power or status. It sees children and young people under 18 involved in exploitative situations, contexts and relationships where the young person receives something (e.g. accommodation, drugs, alcohol, affection, gifts) as a result of them performing, and/or another performing on them, sexual activities.

It can also occur through the use of technology without the child's immediate recognition; for example being persuaded to post images on the internet/ mobile phones.

Victims are generally unable to recognise that they are being exploited, which is why it is up to all of us to spot the signs, report any concerns and to keep our children safe.

If you are concerned about CSE, you can call police on 101 or visit Bedfordshire Against CSE for further information.

If it is an emergency you should always contact the police on 999.

You should also contact us.

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