Child protection - safeguarding children and young people

How to refer a child or young person to children's services

Concerned about a child or young person?

Call 0300 300 8585 immediately (office hours). For out of hours reports call 0300 300 8123.

How professionals can refer a child to children's services

Refer a child to children's services

If you think a child you know is being harmed or at risk of being harmed, please contact the Access and Referral Hub on 0300 300 8585, who you can talk to about your concerns. They will give you advice or may investigate the circumstances. All child protection calls are treated in confidence and you don't need to give your details.

Everyone has a responsibility to protect children from harm.

Some children can be at risk of neglect, emotional harm, including bullying, physical abuse and sexual abuse in any environment and can include close family members as well as strangers.