Disabled Facilities Grant

How is it calculated?

Disabled Facilities Grants are subject to a test of resources unless the application is for adaptations for a disabled child.

Parents of children with disabilities up to and including 16 years (or under 19 if in full time education) are not subject to the financial test of resources.

The test of resources takes in account the income and savings or assets of the disabled person and their spouse or partner (where relevant).

If your income and savings are less than the 'assessed basic needs', a full grant is provided. If income/savings are more than the assessed needs a contribution towards the cost of the adaptation will need to be made.

Clients can get an approximate idea of how much (if anything) they would need to contribute towards the cost of works by completing the online preliminary test of resources form (link opens in new window).

The grant is based upon the lowest reasonable cost of the works. This is normally the lowest of a number of contractors' estimates.

Where a particular contractor is favoured by the applicant, but is not the lowest priced, the applicant can make up the difference between the grant and the higher price.

Grants are subject to a maximum limit of £30,000. We cannot normally provide more than this maximum level of assistance.

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