Senior Officers

Corporate Management Team salaries

Chief Executive

Richard Carr is the Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire Council and also oversees the Improvement and Corporate Services Directorate.
Earnings: £180,000 - £184,999.
Responsible to: The Full Council.
Responsible for: The 'Paid Service'.
Purpose of the job: Help shape, and then achieve the Council's aims.
Job description: Richard Carr's job description (PDF 15.1KB) .
Staff: Number of staff in Central Bedfordshire Council (PDF 76.5KB) .

Children’s Services

Sue Harrison is the Director of Children's Services.
Earnings: £142,000 - £146,999.
Job description: Sue Harrison's job description (PDF 82.9KB) .
Staff: Number of staff in the Children's Services Directorate (PDF 124.2KB) .

Social Care, Health and Housing

Julie Ogley is the Director of Social Care, Health and Housing.
Earnings: £142,000 - £146,999.
Job description: Julie Ogley's job description (PDF 25.4KB) .
Staff: Number of staff in the Social Care, Health and Housing Directorate (PDF 18.7KB) .

Community Services

Marcel Coiffait is Director of Community Services.
Salary: £107,000 to £111,999.
Job description: Marcel Coffait's job description (PDF 151.4KB) .
Staff: Number of staff in the Community Services Directorate (PDF 18.1KB) .

Regeneration and Business

Jason Longhurst is the Director of Regeneration and Business.
Salary: £107,000 to £111,999.
Job description: Jason Longhurst's job description (PDF 79.6KB) .
Staff: Number of staff in the Regeneration and Business directorate (PDF 17.4KB) .

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