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Volunteering is the giving of unpaid help and a commitment of time and energy by individuals for the benefit of society, the community or the environment.

We support and promote all types of volunteering and hold our annual Cheering Volunteering awards (link opens in new window) celebration event for all of our volunteers in Central Bedfordshire every year.

You can also get involved in volunteering with us:

Types of volunteering

  • formal volunteering is defined as giving unpaid help through groups, clubs or organisations. For example, Brownie, Guide and Scout leaders are all volunteers, as are most Citizens’ Advice volunteers
  • informal volunteering is defined as giving unpaid help as an individual to someone who is not a relative. This might be clearing snow from a neighbour’s pathway, or walking an elderly person’s dog while they recover from an illness and are unable to do it themselves
  • micro-volunteering is defined as giving unpaid help (either as an individual or as part of a group) online via an internet-connected device (including smartphones), or offline in small increments of time, usually to benefit a non-profit, charitable or non-governmental organisation. For example, (link opens in new window) offers micro-volunteering roles which require 30 minutes to an hour to source disaster relief information online for a disaster relief charity. This could include tasks like assisting in research, collecting, maintaining and tweeting helpful information and resources about first aid, hospitals, shelters and other critical needs before, during and after a disaster

How do I get involved in formal volunteering?

Community Voluntary Service (CVS) (link opens in new window) and Voluntary and Community Action (VCA) (link opens in new window) run volunteer centre services in Central Bedfordshire. They work with individuals and organisations to promote and develop volunteering so people are inspired to volunteer, have the opportunity to do so, and have excellent volunteering experiences.

Find out more about formal volunteering opportunities in your area (link opens in new window).

Did you know?

Voluntary Works is a consortium of local voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations working to promote and support the sector in Central Bedfordshire.

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