Appeal your Council Tax

What we will do when you appeal your Council Tax bill

We will look at your account again, and may ask you for more information to help us make our decision. We will either:

  • decide that your bill is right, and explain our reasons for this
  • agree that your bill was wrong, and send you a new bill and an explanation of the steps we have taken to correct it

We will make our decision within 2 months of receiving your letter. If you still disagree with your bill, or we do not reply within 2 months, you can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal. You will need to explain:

  • the decision you are appealing against
  • why you disagree with our decision

You need to appeal within 2 months of receiving our reply, or within 4 months of writing to us if we have not replied to you. Find out more about appeals on the Valuation Tribunal (link opens in new window) website.

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