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Parenting Puzzle - free courses to help parents and carers of children under 5

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

We all need a little support at times when it comes to looking after children, which is why it’s worth bearing in mind that across Central Bedfordshire there are FREE courses available.

Parenting Puzzle

The ‘Parenting Puzzle’ programme supports parents and carers of children under 5 to develop strategies to reduce the challenges and stress of parenting and prepare children for school. It’s also a great place to meet other parents and carers within the area.

Run by a team of experts and free to access, Parenting Puzzle, is a tried and tested programme, delivered from six Children Centre’s across Central Bedfordshire ensuring a reach across all localities.

Councillor Tracey Stock, Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing and Communities, said:

We all find parenting challenging at times and this is a useful tool to take some of the stress out of it, the programme also fits in with peoples’ busy lifestyles.

Parents can choose to attend either a 4-week ‘Parenting Puzzle Workshop’ or a 10-week ‘Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme’.

Councillor Stock continued:

People should view Parenting Puzzle like any other support offered throughout a child’s developmental stages. Feedback from attendees has shown that it has helped parents and carers support their children to transition to their first school, which is so encouraging and a tremendous achievement.

The 10-week programme delves into parenting in more detail, the two-hour per week sessions, running over ten weeks, focus on:

  • empowering parents and carers to build positive relationships with their children
  • understanding why children behave as they do
  • recognising the feelings behind behaviours (parent and child’s)
  • exploring different approaches to discipline
  • finding ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children
  • learning the importance of looking after oneself as a parent/carer

The next Parenting Puzzle programmes start this September 2022. There will be a burst of social media on this topic in the coming weeks, so keep a look out!

Those who book on to the course are welcome to attend alone or come with a partner, relative, or friend. The ten-week programme also has creche provision available to support parents and carers while attending.

There is no deadline for people to enrol, and families can book right up until the course starts and can even join the second week of the 10-week programme.

Enquiries and bookings should be made directly with each Children’s Centre by email or telephone. For contact details and further information visit our Parenting Puzzle web pages.