Parenting Puzzle course

Children are rewarding, stimulating and fun, but looking after them can be stressful and challenging. We are running a programme which will help deal with those challenges so that you can have a calmer, happier life.

A tried and tested programme, it helps us think about what we do, why we do it and how it makes us feel.

We have two programmes available; both are aimed at parents and carers of pre-school aged children and are completely free of charge.

The programmes

Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme (ten-week programme)

This ten-week programme covers various topics including:

  • understanding why children behave as they do
  • recognising the feelings behind the behaviour (ours and theirs)
  • exploring different approaches to discipline
  • finding ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children
  • learning the importance of looking after ourselves

The ten-week Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme provides a crèche – please let your centre know if you will be using this facility when you book.

Parenting Puzzle Workshops (four-week programme)

The four workshops are:

  • Workshop 1: Understanding Children’s Behaviour, Listening and Communicating, Praise and Encouragement
  • Workshop 2: Praise and Guidance vs. Criticism, Child-led Play, and Positive Moments
  • Workshop 3: Boundaries and Parenting Styles, Time to Calm Down, Dealing with Stress and Conflict
  • Workshop 4: Choices and Consequences, Behaviour to Ignore, Putting the Puzzle Together, Looking after Ourselves

What else do I need to know?

Partners are welcome, but it’s fine to come on your own or with a relative or friend. All sessions are two hours long, with a tea and coffee break. Sessions are run by trained Children’s Centre staff.

You need to come to all sessions (ten for the Nurturing Programme or four for the Workshops) as they fit together like a puzzle. All the sessions are free.

How can I book?

Contact your local Children’s Centre or visit their Facebook page to find out dates and book your place.