Kingsland - Houghton Regis

Kingsland – feasibility study

We've commissioned a feasibility study to look at options for new community assets on the Kingsland campus. We've long held ambitions for the community from this site, and this study will help us determine what is deliverable.

The study will assess options for how the site can accommodate a secondary school, primary school and leisure centre on the part of the site not currently built on.

This is a positive step which will influence our plans for the redevelopment of the site.

We've been in discussions with the Legacy Foundation, who had previously expressed an interest in this site, however this has not led to firm proposals. Whilst no realistic opportunities for future collaboration would ever be disregarded, it is necessary for us to progress a broader feasibility study.

We expect the feasibility study will be drawing its conclusions by January 2020 and this will inform any decision making about the site.

We will ensure there are opportunities for feedback once specific proposals are made.