Educational visits and journeys


EVOLVE (link opens in new window) is an online system for planning and approving school visits and can be accessed anywhere where there is an Internet connection. It also provides a highly effective communication system both within school (between its own staff) and with key council staff members. EVOLVE is the system whereby we are able to approve more complex visits, as well as monitor the planning and management of more routine excursions.

Three guidance documents are available for download:

EVOLVE: Staff Starter Guide (PDF 739KB) . This guide is for beginners (or returners) to the use of EVOLVE. It is designed to be a self-help tool that EVCs can use within their own school to support the development of staff expertise in this area.

EVOLVE: EVC Essentials (PDF 650.6KB) . This guide provides simple, step-by-step guidance around all of the basic administrative tasks required of the EVC, as well as the process to follow to approve visits created by other staff. It is also an important resource to support the work of the EVC Administrator.

EVOLVE: A Quick Guide for Head Teachers (PDF 759.8KB) . This guide is for Headteachers who are new to EVOLVE and briefly explains how to track and approve visits. Head teachers with previous experience in the use of EVOLVE may also find this useful as a reference document.