How and where we safeguard


An adult and children

Our strategic plan places emphasis on the importance of early intervention:

‘We will protect the vulnerable, be they children or adults, ensuring that they are not exploited, abused, or suffering as a result of neglect or lack of support. We will also work to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents.'

We will have a particular focus on 2 groups:

  • children and their families: to provide them with the best start in life, by intervening early where necessary
  • older people: enabling them to live healthily, contribute to their communities and maintain independence

We are ambitious and ‘will be seen as a great employer which lives its values, delivers improvements to people’s lives, provides value for money and is responsive and accessible to our residents’.

‘The Council will be trusted and respected by its residents and businesses. Both our resident satisfaction levels and our employee engagement scores will be top decile. The Council will be a great organisation to work for and will be well run and managed, with employees who are able to contribute and progress in their careers. We will employ and train local people through apprenticeship schemes. Our Elected Members will be well supported to discharge their roles. We will spend our money wisely, increase our income where possible and work with our supply chain to deliver continual improvements in value and quality. We will work collaboratively across the Council and look to join up with our colleagues in Health and other public services.’