Countryside volunteers

Risk assessments

Risk Assessments form for P3 activities

Risk Assessments help keep you safe when you volunteer.

The risk assessments are in 2 parts.

The log sheet

This is a table that is filled in (ideally on the day of the task) and records the date, leader, location and weather. The same sheet can be used for several tasks. The log should be kept for 7 years to comply with Health and Safety legislation. They can be kept electronically, or as a paper copy.  

The Risk Assessment

We have a selection that cover different activities. Ensure that all members of the group familiarise themselves with it before starting the task. 

If you need printed paper copies, please contact

Risk Assessments Documents

Log Sheet of Activities (PDF 121.6KB)

Clearing Vegetation (PDF 93.4KB)

Guided Walks (PDF 91.9KB)

Hedge and Tree Planting (PDF 92KB)

Site Risk Assessment (PDF 92.7KB)

Strimmer Use (PDF 117.2KB)

Talks (PDF 90.7KB)

Litter Picking Risk Assessment (PDF 286.7KB)