Outdoor access projects

As part of our management of Greenspaces and Rights of Way, we are developing new facilities and initiatives, from new countryside sites and new parks to promoted walks, accessibility trails and cycle routes.

Sundon and Streatley Vision Plan

The plan takes a holistic approach to site and visitor planning in the Chilterns Area north of Luton, between the M1 and the A6. It seeks to improve connectivity of Green Infrastructure networks to ensure access is adequate for visitor numbers, and to minimise visitor impact on the landscape itself.


  • to develop long term management proposals
  • to encourage community engagement and involvement
  • to increase and manage accessibility
  • to identify funding sources and priorities to inform future funding bids
  • to draw together effective partnerships to work towards common aims
  • learn more about the area and interpret this to the public

Following initial discussions with local stakeholders from the project area and the surrounding communities as well as organisations who are involved in landscape and conservation management, we have produced the final plan (PDF 1.8MB) .

The following were used for the consultation:

The Vision Plan Appendices and Maps:

Map 1 - Location Map (PDF 1.9MB)

Map 2 - Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Map (PDF 491.4KB)

Map 3 - Biodiversity Map (PDF 594.4KB)

Map 4 - Heritage Map (PDF 587.2KB)

Map 5 - Rights of Way Map (PDF 1.6MB)

Map 6 - Development Map (PDF 956.3KB)

Map 7 - Vision Plan (PDF 2.7MB)

Greensand Ridge Walk Management and Development Plan

The plan seeks to raise the profile of the Greensand Ridge Walk. It will improve links to communities and neighbouring facilities and visitor attractions.


  • to provide a high quality, nationally promoted regional trail that demonstrates the uniqueness of the Central Bedfordshire landscape
  • to enhance and preserve the walk for future enjoyment
  • ensure the walk offers links between towns and countryside, which help promote rural enterprise, local and national tourism
  • promote walking for fitness and health and provides an appropriate balance of experiences for different users

Green wheels

Green wheels are a long-term vision for linking green spaces and routes around a town or area. They create a 'rim' of green spaces supported by 'spokes' of paths and corridors providing access from settlement centres.

Find out more about green wheels