Green Wheels

About the Green Wheel initiatives in Central Bedfordshire

A number of green wheel masterplans have been produced by BedsRCC in partnership with us and various local town and parish councils.

Green wheels create a long-term vision for linking publicly accessible routes and green spaces around communities. These paths create a ‘rim’ which is supported by ‘spokes’ of paths leading from the towns and villages out to the circular ‘rim’ and beyond.

The wheels are said to be ‘green’ due to their natural setting and because they promote trips using healthy sustainable transport. Ultimately each green wheel should be available to walkers and cyclists, while also providing links to the wider bridleway network for horse riders.

As well as improving public access, the green wheels also protect, manage and enhance biodiversity, landscape and heritage. Where possible, they also create new habitats, landscape and accessible green spaces.

For information on the green wheel initiative, email