Common land

List of common land

List of Common Land in Central Bedfordshire


Reference: CL20

Description: Abouts the railways and River Hiz. Shown in 6 parcels CL20(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)

OS Grid Reference: TL 188 355

Aspley Guise

Reference: CL26

Description: The Rookery, off Mill Way

OS Grid Reference: SP 940 362

Reference: CL27

Description: Salford Road and Mill Way

OS Grid Reference: SP 940 364


Reference: CL19

Description: Biggleswade Common

OS Grid Reference: TL 198 467

Reference: CL35

Description: The Baulk

OS Grid Reference: TL 191 448

Reference: CL56

Description: Rose Lane

OS Grid Reference: TL 191 448


Reference: CL23

Description: Tempsford Road

OS Grid Reference: TL 153 516


Reference: CL38

Description: Cultivation Terraces north of Caddington Village

OS Grid Reference: TL 056 219


(see Northill)


Reference: CL45

Description: Near Park Farm, The Lane, Tebworth. Shown in 3 parcels CL32(1), (2), (3)

OS Grid Reference: SP 990 267


(see Moggerhanger)

Chiltern Green

(see Hyde)


Reference: CL6

Description: Land to the east of Holywell School and to the south of Coronation Road

OS Grid Reference: SP 959 422


Reference: CL10

Description: Land off the Icknield Way

OS Grid Reference: TL 005 212

Reference: CL21

Description: Icknield Way

OS Grid Reference: TL 005 212

Reference: CL31

Description: Tring Road

OS Grid Reference: TL 005 212

Reference: CL32

Description: Tring Road. Shown in three parcels CL32 (1), (2), (3)

OS Grid Reference: TL 003 210

Reference: CL59

Description: Icknield Way

OS Grid Reference: TL 001 210

Reference: CL13

Description: Dunstable Downs

OS Grid Reference: TL 007 199


Reference: CL3

Description: Chapel Street, south of St. Mary's Church

OS Grid Reference: TL 237 441

Eaton Bray

Reference: CL33

Description: Off Totternhoe Road and The Comp. Shown in 3 parcels CL33(1), (2), (3)

OS Grid Reference: SP 969 209

Reference: CL34

Description: Nr Whipsnade Zoo. Shown in 2 parcels CL33 (1), (2)

OS Grid Reference:


Reference: CL17

Description: West of the Rivel Ivel. Shown in 3 parcels CL17(1), (2), (3)

OS Grid Reference: TL 182 406

Houghton Regis

Reference: CL43

Description: Off East End Road and Crossways

OS Grid Reference: TL 022 241


Reference: CL2

Description: Chiltern Green

OS Grid Reference: TL 136 192


(see Henlow)


Reference: CL50

Description: Off Woburn Road

OS Grid Reference: TL 014 381

Milton Bryan

Reference: CL64

Description: Pond near Home Farm

OS Grid Reference: SP 974 300


Reference: CL41

Description: Blunham Road, Chalton

OS Grid Reference: TL 145 501


Reference: CL24

Description: Opposite Vicarage

OS Grid Reference: TL 165 459

Reference: CL25

Description: Biggleswade Road

OS Grid Reference: TL 171 459


Reference: CL1

Description: Thorncote Green

OS Grid Reference: TL 151 476


Reference: CL30

Description: Golf course, Warden Hill

OS Grid Reference: TL 093 267


Reference: CL18

Description: Studham Common, south of Studham Village

OS Grid Reference: TL 026 157


Reference: CL47

Description: Harlington Road

OS Grid Reference: TL 248 274

Reference: CL48

Description: Harlington Road

OS Grid Reference: TL 045 277


(see Totternhoe)


(see Chalgrave)


Reference: CL8

Description: Dickens Lane, Dunstable Road. Shown in 3 parts CL8(1), (2), (3)

OS Grid Reference: SP 978 244


Reference: CL16

Description: Shown in 7 parts CL16(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)

OS Grid Reference: SP 988 229

Reference: CL15

Description: Cow Common, to the east of Sewell

OS Grid Reference: SP 988 229

Upper Caldecote

(see Northill)


Reference: CL5

Description: Church Road, The Pound. Shown in 3 parts CL5 (1), (2), (3)

OS Grid Reference: -


Reference: CL4

Description: Whipsnade Heath, east of Whipsnade Village

OS Grid Reference: TL 016 180

Reference: CL51

Description: Whipsnade Heath, east of Whipsnade Village. Shown in 5 parts CL51(1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

OS Grid Reference: TL 016 180


Reference: CL46

Description: South of Manor Farm

OS Grid Reference: TL 247 466

This information is intended as a guide only and is correct to 1 August 2009.

List of town and village greens in Central Bedfordshire

Brown / Southill

Location: Broom Green

Reference: VG11


Location: The Green - 10 parcels

Reference: VG28


Location: The Green

Reference: VG13


Location: Court Road / High Street

Reference: VG04

Eaton Bray

Location: Green Lane / Rec Ground

Reference: VG35

Location: Moor End / Bower Lane

Reference: VG36

Heath and Reach

Location: Heath Green (Extension to VG6)

Reference: VG68

Location: Rec Ground

Reference: VG29

Location: Woburn Road / Reach Lane

Reference: VG05

Location: Heath Green / Leighton Road

Reference: VG06


Location: Church Lane / Goose Green - 2 parcels

Reference: VG40

Houghton Regis

Location: The Green - 19 parcels

Reference: VG19


Location: Southcott Village

Reference: VG32


Location: Caldecote Green - 5 parcels (also de-registered as CL52)

Reference: VG18

Location: Ickwell Green

Reference: VG20

Location: South of C of E Church

Reference: VG21

Northill / Hatch

Location: Brook End

Reference: VG33

Sandy / Beeston

Location: Beeston Green - 8 parcels

Reference: VG14


Location: High Road

Reference: VG31


Location: The Green - 4 parcels

Reference: VG23


Location: Stotfold Green / Rec Ground

Reference: VG08


Location: Chequers Public House

Reference: VG44


Location: White Hart Inn

Reference: VG49


Location: Upper / Lower Green - 2 parcels (parcel 2 de-registered)

Reference: VG09


Location: Market Square / High Street

Reference: VG24


Location: Castle Hill Road

Reference: VG38

Location: Rec Ground - 5 parcels

Reference: VG25


Location: The Green

Reference: VG02