Keeping warm

What help is available?

As part of the national and local drive to tackle fuel poverty and climate change, there is a wide range of help and advice available both locally and nationally. We work closely with the Energy Saving Trust, which provides free and independent advice on what type of measures would be beneficial for your type of home.

The Energy Saving Trust can be contacted for free on 0800 444 202.

We offer a number of different housing grants and loans, including the following which can help with insulation and/or heating.

Safety, Security and Emergency Repair Grant

This is a grant of up to £500 for homeowners to fund urgent repairs, such as repairing a faulty component of a heating system. It is available to those in receipt of income-related benefits who are also either over 60 years of age or in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance.

Home Improvement loan assistance

This is financial assistance of up to £15,000 to fund works that will remedy hazards within the home. This could include works to provide sufficient heating and/or insulation. The assistance is aimed at homeowners and is means-tested.

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We also offer loan assistance, which is specifically for heating, insulation and energy efficiency works

Energy saving tips

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