Apply to rent a council garage

Repossession of council garages

If you do not pay your rent, we will send you letters to remind you to pay, followed by a Notice to Quit.

If you still do not clear the arrears on your account, we will repossess the garage.

Garage rent arrears

Most arrears cases can be dealt with relatively simply provided tenants get in contact early enough. Ignoring the situation can only make matters worse. If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact our estates management team on 0300 300 8046.

Due to the low level of rent compared to a house or flat, some may regard garage rent as low priority. However, we have a duty to recover all rent owed to us to fund the services we provide. We are also required to maintain overall levels of outstanding rent including garage rent, within limits set by central government.

When the garage rent arrears are in excess of 1 months’ rent we will repossess the garage, by issuing a 7 day Notice to Quit.

If a garage is repossessed and items have been left, you will be contacted and asked to remove them. We will dispose of all items within 28 days following the termination.

Should we have to clear the garage, the cost of the clearance will be charged to yourself. This is in addition to any arrears outstanding.